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Ceramic Coatings


Quick, Convenient, and Trustworthy

Cost-Effective $$$

Highly Trained Experts

Do you ever get tired of washing and waxing your car only for it to get dirty and have swirls again the next day? Well look no further. 

Let's talk ceramic coatings. Like PPF (paint protection film), ceramic coatings protect your vehicles paint, while adding UV resistance and adding a hydrophobic layer. 

Ceramic coatings can be a great benefit for you, as it will save lots of time washing. Ceramics also preserve your vehicles paint and shine while boosting resell value.

We offer ceramic coating with different yearly warranties. The most popular is our 5 year coating. With that you will receive a full interior and exterior detail. Concentrating on the exterior we will make sure and prepare the paint before laying the ceramic. This includes paint correction where there are light scratches and swirls, stripping any contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle, including windows, wheels, and moldings. Once this is accomplished we lay the coating that’s going to make your car stay protected and shine!

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Tesla Model X recieving a 5 year ceramic coating
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