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STL Dent Co is a world class, locally owned, family operated Paintless Dent Repair (Automotive Reconditioning Shop) shop that services the greater metropolitan St. Louis area. We currently are a team of 7 but growing rapidly to service all your automotive needs. We provide services to not only you, the vehicle owner, but also auto dealers, auto body shops, insurance companies, rental car companies, fleet vehicles, car manufacturers, car clubs, and anyone else you can think of with a vehicle.

Our specialty is paintless dent repair: door dings, large dents, creases, and hail damage. But if that isn’t enough, we do offer SMART repair services such as automotive detailing, paint touch up, small body repairs, bumper repair, wheel repair, windshield repair, interior repair, headlight restoration, and any other automotive reconditioning services.

We opened locally in St. Louis, May of 2012 but have over 19 years of experience in Paintless Dent Repair. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm and we are more than happy to serve all customers during those business hours. If those hours do not work for you, give us a call to set something up by appointment. We strive to accommodate the customer’s schedule as we know work hours and life can make it difficult to bring your vehicle to us. In those certain circumstances where life can’t bring you to us, we will come to you.

STL Dent Co. has a brick and mortar shop that is located on the historic Route 66 in Kirkwood, Missouri and serves the many car owners and automotive related businesses in the greater St. Louis region. We are centrally located just 3 blocks east of Lindbergh on Manchester Rd. You may recognize our building as it’s been standing since the 1930’s! Owned and operated by the Trog Family as a full service gas station for just shy of 100 years. We look to carry on the time tested excellence in customer service provided by the Trog’s.

STL Dent Co was founded on the simple principle of excellence in both customer service and paintless dent repair. For our first 10 years in the industry we traveled the world honing our skills and learning the trade fixing thousands of hail damaged vehicles one dent at a time. Life on the road was truly life changing and an experience we will never forget, yet being gone 8-10 months of the year presented its own set of challenges. So, we decided to bring that experience back home on a full time basis and began the next chapter. Several hail storms, thousands of door dings and creases, and numerous shopping carts later we are still here, serving the greater St. Louis area 9 years and counting. As we progressed locally in fixing dents we also experienced a need for more. Here are some of the things customers would say… “Hey, do you know someone that can detail my car?” “Could you take a look at my bumper, I was backing up and then…” “Can you guys touch up a few rock chips on my hood?” “I hit the curb, do you know someone that can repair my wheels?” “There is a rip in my seat, do you know someone that can repair that?” “I was driving behind a dump truck and a rock hit my windshield but it didn’t crack. It just has a chip, can you help” “What do you know about ceramic coating or protecting my vehicle’s factory finish paint?” “My girlfriend was mad at me and keyed my car” “My car was parked on the street last night and someone side swiped me and knocked off my mirror, do you handle this?” My kids dumped out an entire box of cereal and then had a dance party inside my van, can you clean it?”. So we accepted that challenge and have been providing all your automotive reconditioning needs all the while maintaining that same sense of excellence we were founded on.

We use various methods to repair vehicle dents as a better yet more affordable option to traditional auto body shop methods all the while restoring the vehicle to its original factory condition without affecting the original paint. One method is to use different sized and length metal rods with varying degrees of bends and tip shapes to access the inside/back side of automobile body panels. We then apply pressure on the back side of the dented area, massaging and pushing the dent out. We also use malleting and knock-down techniques to release stress, pressure waves, and high spots created from the impact. Glue pulling is a secondary method used for repairing dents and dings. The use of glue, advancements of glue tools, and techniques have pushed our industry further than ever imagined. Plastic tabs are glued to the outer surface of your vehicle’s damaged area. Then, by connecting a pull tool to these tabs and pulling pressure to remove or soften the affected area the metal will rise. Many times this type of repair requires multiple pulls and knockdowns in order to achieve the factory finish we strive for. One thing to note about glue pulling is that in certain circumstances there is a chance the paint may actually pull away from the vehicle’s metal requiring traditional methods for painting. Whatever the case might be or questions you have, we will discuss any concerns prior to repairing your vehicle. We work hard to educate you in what we do and want you to feel comfortable you made the best choice working with us.

We are Better, Faster, Cheaper, Cleaner and Safer than most other body repair shop options available. Stop by and let us show you how our friendly staff can save you time and money. Service with a Smile!

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